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Creating BW ProjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Before you start working with BW modeling in the Eclipse-based IDE, you first need to create a BW project. The BW project is used to manage the connection to the BW back-end system that you want to work with. The project acts as a container (on the front end) for the BW metadata objects located in the BW system.


  • Make sure that you have defined the BW system that you want to connect to in your local SAP Logon.
  • For security reasons, check if the Secure Network Communication (SNC) is enabled for the selected system connection. If SNC is not enabled, use the SAP Logon Pad to enable the option.


  1. To launch the project creation wizard, choose Start of the navigation path File Next navigation step New Next navigation step Project End of the navigation path in the main menu.
  2. Select the project type Start of the navigation path Business Warehouse Next navigation step BW Project End of the navigation path and choose Next.
  3. In the Connection field, enter the BW system ID or choose Browse to select a system from SAP Logon. Then choose Next.
    Tip When entering the system ID, you can access the content assist function by pressing Ctrl + Space.
  4. Enter the logon data, for example Client, User and Password (not required for Single Sign-On).
  5. [Optional:] If you want to change the default language, select the Change Default Language checkbox and select a language.
    Note The default language predefines the original language of the new BW metadata objects that will be created in the corresponding BW system. Consequently, all new BW metadata objects will automatically be created in the default language. Your BW project might contain objects in different original languages however if you copy objects from other systems for example.
    Tip You can access the content assist function by pressing Ctrl + Space.
  6. [Optional:] If you want to define a project name, choose Next and enter a project name. If you do not enter a project name, the project name is generated when the BW project is created.
  7. [Optional:] If you want to connect a SAP HANA database to your BW project, choose Next and select the SAP HANA system.
  8. Choose Finish to create the BW project. If you have not entered a project name, a name is generated using the following naming convention: <BW system ID>_<client>_<user>_<language>_<identifier for duplicate names>. Example: ABC_000_MUELLER_DE or ABC_000_MUELLER_DE_2.


To check your created project, switch to the Project Explorer and expand the first level of the project structure. Check that the project structure includes the following nodes:

  • Favorites
  • BW Repository
  • SAP HANA System Library - (if you have attached a SAP HANA system to your project)