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Working with Associations in the CDS Data PreviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

In CDS, an association represents the relationship between two CDS views.


You use associations to:

  • Identify related CDS views. An association lists the hierarchy of related CDS views.
  • Navigate backwards and view the result sets of the previous CDS view in a hierarchy. Any filters applied to the result sets are retained.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, open the context menu of a DDL source and choose Open Data Preview.

    In addition, you can also open the Data Preview view from the source code editor of a DDL source. Then choose Start of the navigation path Open With Next navigation step Data Preview End of the navigation path from the context menu.

    Note If the selected CDS view requires parameters, a wizard for providing parameter values appears.

    The Data Preview tool appears and displays the top 100 records by default.

  2. In the table context menu, choose Follow Association.


    You can also choose > in the breadcrumb bar to follow an association.

    Associations defined for the CDS view are listed.

  3. Choose an association.


The Data Preview tool displays the result set for the selected association. You can apply filters to the current result set or use the breadcrumb to navigate to the previous result set.

You can use the SQL Console option on the Data Preview menu to view the generated Open SQL query for an association. The generated query uses the SQL view to display records.