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In a CompositeProvider, you can merge data from BW InfoProviders with data from SAP HANA views using union and join, or just merge data from BW InfoProviders and SAP HANA views.

The CompositeProvider's join and union operations are performed in SAP HANA. You can run queries on CompositeProviders just like on all other BW InfoProviders. You acquire SQL access to the data if you generate a SAP HANA view from the CompositeProvider.

Delta extraction by DTP is supported for CompositeProviders with unions based on DataStore objects (advanced) that have the properties Activate/Compress Data and All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table and thus behave like an InfoCube.

Delta extraction by DTP is also supported for CompositeProviders with union, which are based on InfoCubes.

Note For BW systems that use a SAP HANA database, the CompositeProvider is the object that forms the data mart layer in the BW system that provides the data for reporting and analysis . It therefore serves as the replacement for CompositeProviders, MultiProviders and InfoSets. Business users will still be able to use CompositeProviders in the BW Workspace.
  • Variables are not supported. Only input parameters are supported.
  • There are restrictions to how CompositeProviders can be structured and nested. More information: Supported Scenarios