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Defining Calculated Key FiguresLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you recalculate a key figure of an InfoProvider using a formula, then this calculated key figure can be reused in all queries of this InfoProvider.


  1. Open the context menu for the InfoProvider and choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step Calculated Key Figure End of the navigation path. The New Calculated Key Figure wizard opens. The system applies the properties from the BW project and the InfoProvider, which the project is based on, as the default settings.
  2. Enter a description and a technical name for the new calculated key figure.
  3. If you have created a directory structure for your reusable objects in the component hierarchy maintenance screen (transaction code RSZTREE), you can enter the required folder in field Folder. Choose Browse. A dialog box appears where you can select an object. (You can also leave this selection blank. You can also leave this blank. Then the system displays the calculated key figure in folder Start of the navigation path Reusable Components Next navigation step Calculated Key Figures End of the navigation path).
  4. You have now configured the basic settings. Choose Finish to create the calculated key figure. The editor appears.
  5. In the Formula area on the General tab, you will find the input field for the formula, which you want to use to calculate the key figure. Base key figures, restricted key figures, already calculated key figures and formulas can be used as operands. The procedure for defining a reusable calculated key figure correspond to the procedure for defining a formula.
  6. Change the settings as required for the properties of the calculated key figure in the Properties screen area.

    The Properties screen area contains the following tabs, which correspond to the properties of a formula:

    • General tab: For calculated key figures, the same properties are available in the Formula Collision and Display screen areas as are available for the properties of a formula. The only difference is that the Formula screen area is not available because the calculated key figure cannot be changed in the query.

    • Aggregation tab

    • Calculations tab

  7. Select the calculated key figure.


You have created a calculated key figure for an InfoProvider. This key figure can be reused in queries, which are based on this InfoProvider.

You can find the calculated key figure either in the BW Repository of the query under the Start of the navigation path Reusable Components Next navigation step Calculated Key Figures End of the navigation path, or by using the search. To search for the key figure, find the toolbar in the BW Modeling perspective and choose Search (Search). Now you can search for the query on the BW Object Search tab. In the Advanced Filter area, you can restrict the search to the type ELEM [Query Element] and subtype CKF [Calculated Key Figure].