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Creating CompositeProvidersLocate this document in the navigation structure

In a CompositeProvider, you can merge data from BW InfoProviders with data from SAP HANA views using union and join, or just merge data from BW InfoProviders and SAP HANA views.


You are using an SAP HANA database. You have installed and configured the BW Modeling tools.


  1. Create the CompositeProvider. You are in the BW Modeling tools. You will now be guided through the creation process by a wizard.
  2. Define the properties for the CompositeProvider's runtime:
    • You can generate an SAP HANA view from the CompositeProvider. For more information, see the Help Portal under Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW System.
    • You can set the flag This CompositeProvider can be added to another CompositeProvider, in order to use the CompositeProvider as a provider in another CompositeProvider. More information: Using a CompositeProvider as a Provider in Other CompositeProviders
    • You can use the Show Audit Characteristics in Query flag to switch on the display of audit characteristics in the query. More information: Audit
    • Under Common Runtime Properties you can configure various settings at query runtime. More information: General Runtime Properties
    • Runtime Profile Properties contains the settings for processing the CompositeProvider. In most cases you can leave these settings unchanged. These are expert settings and can be changed later on if required. More information: Runtime Profile Properties
  3. Select other participating InfoProviders or SAP HANA views and make assignments.
  4. Define the appearance of the CompositeProvider in the query.
  5. Activate the CompositeProvider.