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Authorizations for Modeling with BW Modeling ToolsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Authorizations are assigned to users in the back end system. This assignment is based on roles that are predefined in the BW system. One or more roles are assigned to a user. These roles are based on authorization objects from a technical viewpoint.

Basis Authorizations

Standard role

The following role is required to use BW modeling tools. If the role SAP_BC_DBW_ABAPDEVELOPER is already assigned to a user, the role already contains the required authorizations.

Role Description
SAP_BC_DWB_WBDISPLAY Roll that contains all authorizations for displaying and searching ABAP development objects.
Note The users are not allowed to modify ABAP development objects.

Authorization object S_RFC

The BW modeling tools require remote access to the following function modules that are specified for the authorization object S_RFC:

Activity [ACTVT] Name of RFC Object [RFC_NAME] RFC Type [RFC_TYPE]
16 (Execute)







FUNC (Function Module)

Authorization object S_TCODE

The BW modeling tools need to start specific transactions for SAP GUI integration in Eclipse. Therefore the BW modeling tools need access to the following transactions, which are specified in authorization object S_TCODE:


For more information, read the document Configuring the ABAP Back End for ABAP Development ToolsInformation published on SAP site in the SAP Community Network.

BW-Specific Roles and Authorizations

If you work with the BW modeling tools, you can only see or open the objects for which you have at least display authorization. The same checks are performed for actions on objects in the BW modeling tools as for actions in the back end system or in the query. Therefore we recommend the following role templates for users who work with the BW modeling tools:

Role Template Description


BW role: modeler (development system)


Notes on specific object types:

If the authorization object has subobject field defined for an object type (TLOGO), the user needs to have authorization * or at least Definition, in order to see the object in the Project Explorer tree. The authorization object for MultiProviders, for example, contains the field MultiProvider Subobject.

In particular, BW modelers need authorizations that are specified in the following authorization objects:

Authorization Object Description

S_RS_HCPR (SAP HANA CompositeProvider authorizations)

Authorizations for working with CompositeProviders and their subobjects

S_RS_ODSV (Open ODS view)

Authorizations for working with Open ODS Views

S_ADT_RES Authorization object for ADT resource access

Authorization field URI must have the value /sap/bw/modeling/*.

Note The placeholder "*" is used for the URI subfolders.