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In your BW project, you will generally work with a limited selection of InfoAreas and BW metadata objects. You can assign objects that are especially relevant for your work to the Favorites node. The favorites are stored in the BW system and are available to you in all projects with a connection to the BW system.

The Favorites node in a BW project represents a user-defined and structured collection of InfoAreas and BW metadata objects, stored for all projects in the connected BW system.

The Favorites node is one of the nodes directly below the root of the project tree. Under this node, the InfoAreas () assigned to the favorites are listed, together with their BW metadata objects. The BW metadata objects assigned individually to the favourites in the corresponding semantic folder (), for CompositeProviders or Open ODS views for example, are also listed.

Adding Local Favorites

In addition to storing cross-project favorites in the BW system, it was also possible to store local favorites on the client in all versions of the BW Modeling Tools up to 1.12. In Version 1,13 of the BW Modeling Tools, the local favorites have been removed.

If you want to add objects created in the local favorites to the cross-project favorites stored in the BW back end system, open the context menu for the Favorites node in your BW project and choose Import from Local Favorites. The system displays the imported local favorites when you refresh the Favorites node.