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You can create partitions for key fields of the DataStore object.


If you have activated the property All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table for the DataStore object, you do not have the option of creating partitions. If you activate the property All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table later on, then any existing partitions are deleted.


Note This is an expert setting. There is usually no need to change this setting. The system default setting should be sufficient.

You can use partitioning to divide the entire dataset of a DataStore object into several smaller units that are independent and redundancy-free. Partitioning can improve system performance during data analysis. Partitioning can also be necessary if you are loading a large volume of data, because a table can contain a maximum of two thousand million records.

You can also change the hash partitioning. Hash partitioning is used to distribute the data to various nodes in the SAP HANA database.


  1. Choose the Settings tab and expand the area Partitions.
  2. Select a key field.
  3. You can create partitions by choosing Add. Enter the upper and lower limits for the partition. Choose OK and Next to define a further partition. Choose OK to create the partitions. The partitions are numbered sequentially.
  4. Choose Edit to change the existing partitions.
  5. Choose Split to split the existing partitions. You can choose between Simple Split and Equal Unit Split:
    • Simple Split: The partition is split into two partitions.
    • Equal Unit Split: Here you can specify how many partitions you want to split the partition into.
    The numbering of the partitions is automatically adjusted.
  6. Choose Merge to merge existing partitions. Select two or more partitions and choose Merge.
  7. You can delete partitions by choosing Delete.
  8. When you activate the DataStore object, the table is saved to the database, with a number of partitions that corresponds to the value area.

Hash Partitioning

  1. You are on the Settings tab. Expand the Hash Partition for a DataStore Object area.
  2. If all characteristics are in the key, a hash partitioning is created. To allow this, the property All Characteristics are Key must be selected. If no hash partitioning has been created, a default partitioning will be created instead when the DataStore object is activated. You can change this default partitioning here.