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A structure is an object that is created when a query is defined. It is freely definable. In a query, you can one structure, two structures or no structures at all.

A structure forms the basic framework of the axes in a table (rows or columns). You can combine structures freely with other characteristics on the axes.

A structure is made up of structural elements. The following types of structures exist:

  • Key figure structure: The structural elements of a key figure structure are always based on key figure selections (basic key figures, restricted key figures and calculated key figures). You can use a maximum of one key figure structure per query.

  • Characteristic structure: The structural elements of a characteristic structure cannot contain any key figure selections.

The setup of the structure determines the sequence and number of key figures or characteristic values in the columns and rows of the query. You can navigate through the structures in the executed query and set filters for them.

If the query contains two axes, a key figure structure in the columns and a characteristic structure in the rows for example, a table is created with fixed cell definitions.


You have to use two structures as a prerequisite for defining exception cells. You can override the value of cell values created implicitly at the intersection of two structural elements.