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Using a CompositeProvider as a Provider in Other CompositeProvidersLocate this document in the navigation structure

You are on the General tab. You can make the CompositeProvider available as a provider for other CompositeProviders by setting the This CompositeProvider can be added to another CompositeProvider flag.

This reusable CompositeProvider can then be used as the provider in another CompositeProvider.

This function is not available if
  • If the CompositeProvider is already used in other CompositeProviders as a provider, you will see a where-used list and the relevant CompositeProviders are set to inactive when the CompositeProvider is activated.

  • you want to add two or more reusable CompositeProviders in a CompositeProvider, which contain the same providers.
  • a provider, which is part of the reusable CompositeProvider, is already contained in the CompositeProvider. You cannot use a provider more than once as a provider in a union operation.

    InfoCube IC01 is used in CompositeProvider CP01, which is usable as a provider. CompositeProvider CP01 is added to CompositeProvider CP02. It is not possible to also add InfoCube IC01 to CompositeProvider CP02.

  • the CompositeProvider, which you want to use in another CompositeProvider, already contains a CompositeProvider.

There are also a number of scenarios that are not supported regardless. More information: Scenarios for Using CompositeProviders in CompositeProviders