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Reading Child Members with Hierarchy Structure NodesLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you have activated the Use Selection of Structure Elements setting, you can use this setting to specify which data-driven cells are displayed if the query has a hierarchy on a structure.


The following example illustrates this:







EUR 10

EUR 20

EUR 30

Amount in January

EUR 10

+- Amount in February

EUR 20

+- Amount in March

EUR 30

Amount in Feb is a child of Amount in Jan, and Amount in March is a child of Amount in Feb.

If Amount in Jan is filtered, the result set will only consist of the January column. If the Amount in Jan node is expanded now, the result set must consist of the January and February columns for Amount in Jan and Amount in Feb.

Most clients however do not recognize a situation where a drilldown on one axis can result in more data on another axis. This drilldown therefore normally only shows the January column.

If the Also Read Child Members setting is activated, a filter on a structural element will implicitly include all of its hierarchical successors in the filter. In the example above, a filter on Amount in Jan would return the columns for Januar, February and March, as Amount in Feb and Amount in March are predecessors of Amount in Jan.