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Processing type SAP HANA Exit is a specific form of processing type Customer Exit. It allows you to use an AMDP class implementation to determine default values for variables. We particularly recommend using the SAP HANA Exit in queries that you want to generate an external SAP HANA view for, and which special requirements apply for in terms of determining the variable values.

Definition of Variables

In the BW Modeling Tools, you create variables of processing type SAP HANA Exit.

You can process variables of types characteristic value variables and formula variables with processing type SAP HANA Exit. If you use these for a formula variable, the entry type must not be optional.

A variable with processing type SAP HANA Exit always represents a single value. The moment when the enhancement implementation is called depends on whether the variable is input-enabled:

  • If the variable is input-enabled, the SAP HANA exit procedure is called exactly once before the variable screen. The variable is then automatically given the default values of the other variables in the procedure.

  • If the variable is not input-enabled, the SAP HANA exit procedure is called exactly once after the variable screen. The variable is then given the values from the variable screen in the procedure.

Enhancement Implementation

In the ABAP Development Tools, you create the enhancement implementation for the enhancement spot RSROA_VARIABLES_HANA_EXIT. This is contained in package RSROA_VAR. The BAdI implementation class requires an AMDP class containing the following interfaces: IF_BADI_INTERFACE, IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB and IF_RSROA_VAR_HANA_EXIT.


As an example, you can use class CL_RSROA_HANA_EXIT_FALLBACK. Implement the following methods. After the method name, you have to enter the addition by database procedure for hdb language SQLSCRIPT. The code must comply with SAP HANA SQLSCRIPT syntax.

  1. if_rsroa_var_hana_exit~ get_properties
    • Parameter C_IS_ACTIVE should have the value 'X'. This stipulates that this coding should be used to define the value of the variable

      The system can contain no more than one BAdI implementation with the value 'X for the query/variable name combination.

    • Parameter C_TS_VNAM_INDEX defines the allocation of variable values from the query to the I_VAR_VALUE_X parameters of method if_rsroa_var_hana_exit~process. The specification of row {VNAM_COUNTRY, 1} in parameter C_TS_VNAM_INDEX stipulates that the value of variable VNAM_COUNTRY is assigned to parameter I_VAR_VALUE_1.

      A maximum of 20 entries of this type can be made.

  2. if_rsroa_var_hana_exit~ process
    • Parameter c_value should specify the value of the variable.