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The General tab of the Variables Editor is required in almost all variable types. Only variables with processing type Replacement Path do not require this tab. In this case, the fields on this tab are not input-ready.

Screen Area: General

The system displays the technical name and the description. You can change the description as required.

Screen Area: Global Settings

The system displays the reference characteristic, the variable type and the processing type. Choose Reference Characteristic to open the properties of the reference characteristic.

Screen Area: Details

The system shows the display area of the variables as not changeable.

The following properties are changeable:

  • Input Type:

    • Optional: If you select this setting, the variable does not have to be filled with a value at runtime.


      Variables with the processing type Authorization have the default setting Optional.

    • Mandatory With Initial: If you select this setting, at least one value has to be specified for the variable at runtime. The initial value (#) is permitted. The initial value # means "unassigned", meaning that you can use it to explicitly select all data records where this characteristic does not have any instances.

    • Mandatory Without Initial If you select this setting, at least one value has to be specified for the variable at runtime. The initial value (#) is not permitted. You must enter one or more concrete values to be able to execute the query.

  • Input-Ready:

    Using this option, you can specify whether the variable is input-ready when the query is executed. The option is activated by default.

    • If a variable is input-ready, then when the query is executed, the system first shows the requested values, on which you can confirm or modify the default values.

    • If you deactivate the option Input-Ready, the system automatically executes the query with the default value.

    • If you deactivate this option Input-Ready but you have specified the variable value as mandatory and you have not specified a default value, then the system cannot execute the query. When you try to execute the query, an error message appears.

  • Copy Personalization from Variable:

    Users can personalize variable values for input-ready variables. The personalized values are saved for each variable and user.If you want to use the same personalization data in more than one variable, enter the names of the variables that the personalization data is stored under in this input field. Enter the names manually, or select them using the input help.


    You have to enter the variable without an ampersand (&).


    You have defined a variable "Customer1", which is mandatory and input-ready. You now define a "Customer2" variable, which is mandatory (initial value not allowed) and input-ready. By entering variable "Customer1" in the input-ready field for variable "Customer" choosing Copy Personalization from Variable, you ensure that both variables have the same personalized values.