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Overwriting Restricted Key Figures LocallyLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can overwrite a restricted key figure for a query. However, the changes that you make remain local.


You are in the definition of a query that contains the restricted key figure. You want to further restrict this restricted key figure (by using an additional characteristic selection, for example).


Note that you reusable restricted key figures within a query cannot be overwritten. A local query element is created that references the restricted key figure. You can now perform further modifications on this local query element.


  1. Select the restricted key figure and choose Edit from the context menu. The Edit Selection dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a technical name and a description.

    Note that the technical name only relates to the local query element and not to the restricted key figure in use.

  3. Make changes to the definition of the restricted query as required.
  4. Save the query.


You have locally overwritten a restricted key figure in your query.

You will find the restricted key figure either in the query definition or in the outline view of the query elements. In the Restricted Key Figure directory, you can see the base reusable restricted key figure and the locally overwritten calculated key figure in the Sheet area of the query definition. Both key figures have the same technical key but have different UIDs.