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Use the ABAP Element Info view to get more details of the elements of a development object.

In the ABAP Element Info view, you can obtain the following details of a development object after selecting an element such as a variable, method, its parameters, types, and so on:

  • Definitions
  • ABAP documentation
  • Short text descriptions
  • Links to long text documentation (available for SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP08 and higher)

You can only display details on the usage, not on the definitions of elements.

In addition, the Element Information Popup is provided. This popup displays the same content. In the source code editor, you can open it by pressing F2 from an individual usage.

Example of an ABAP Element Info view that is displayed for a method
Figure 1: Example of an ABAP Element Info view that is displayed for a method

From the integrated toolbar, you can do the following:

  • Link with the editor to connect or disconnect the updating of the displayed content in accordance with the current mouse position in the source code editor
  • Pin and unpin the display
  • Go back or forward to the previous or next display
  • Increase or reduce the font size to maximize or minimize the size of the displayed letters

The ABAP Element Info view is opened when you select

  • the name, parameters, and exceptions of the method in the ABAP source code editor
  • the Show in ABAP Element Info View button from the code element information popup
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