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Changing Query Runtime Properties (Runtime Properties tab)Locate this document in the navigation structure

On the Runtime Properties tab, you can make settings for individual analytic queries that deviate from the settings for the InfoProvider that the queries are based on.


The Runtime Propertis tab is divided into the following screen areas:

  • Common Runtime Properties

  • Runtime Profile Properties


Note that the system only displays settings that are relevant for the query in question.

Example: If the query does not have any virtual key figures or characteristics, settings that relate to virtual key figures or characteristics are not displayed.


  1. To be able to change one of the query properties, first switch via from the default value set on the InfoProvider to manual entry of query properties.
  2. Make the required settings for the query or queries in question. This can be either activation or deactivation of the query, or selection of a particular value.

    Note that the other runtime profile properties you can specify depend on the chosen data integrity profile.

  3. Save the query.