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If using databases other than SAP HANA, you can use the semantically partitioned object for the same purpose as you would use the semantic group if using the SAP HANA database.

The table provides a comparison of the two options, semantic grouping of data vs semantic partitioning.

Semantically partitioned object

Semantic Group

Standalone object Tool


Objects with the same structure, together these form an InfoProvider

Objects can have different structure, they remain independent and flexible

Supported objects

InfoCube, DataStore object (classic)

DataStore Object (advanced)

Generation of the data flow

The system creates an InfoSource and simple 1:1 transformations that are skipped at runtime.

The data flow must be created manually.


A semantically partitioned object can only be transported as a whole object. The generated objects are not transported. Instead they are generated in the target system.

The members can be transported independently of one another. More information: Transporting Semantic Groups.