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Get information about what UI annotations to use to mask fields, for example for password input, on SAP Fiori UIs.

In some cases, data of fields need to be consumed by the client, but must not be visible on the UI. This field behavior is required when users need to enter passwords, for example.

You can use the following annotation to mark a field to not to be displayed in clear text by the client because, for example, it contains sensitive data:
  • @UI.Masked

    This annotation does not influence how data is transferred. If a field is marked with the @UI.masked annotation, the data belonging to this field is still transferred to the client like any other property in clear text.

    Sample Code
    define view Destination as select from ... {
      @UI.identification: [ { position: 10 } ]
      key DestinationID,
      @UI.identification: [ { position: 20 } ]
      AuthType,		-- None, Basic, SSO, ...
      @UI.identification: [ { position: 30 } ]
      @UI.identification: [ { position: 40 } ]