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Changing Properties for Fields of Type "Key Figure"Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can change various properties for fields of type "key figure" by changing the properties directly or by specifying a field association, which can pass on various properties to the field.


  1. You are in the Output tab. All fields in the CompositeProvider are displayed here. When you select a field, you can define various properties in the detail area on the right of the screen.
  2. Choose Move to Group in the field context menu to move fields between groups. Specify the new group in which you want to move the field. Choose Browse to open the dialog for editing groups. You can also move fields in the tree display by drag and drop.
  3. Under Association, you can associate a key figure for a CompositeProvider field. The default properties and description of the associated key figure are applied. You can change these properties by choosing Toggle Default Value/Manual Entry and changing the value.
  4. You can choose which name is displayed for this field in the query:
    • Usage of System-Wide Unique Name: A generated name is displayed in the query.
    • Direct Usage of Associated Object by Name: The info object name is displayed in the query.
  5. If there are no assignments or associations for a field, you can change the data type of the field. The following data types are possible:
    Type of key figure Data type
    Amount CURR, FLTP, DEC
    Quantity QUAN , FLTP , DEC
    Number DEC , FLTP
    Date DEC , DATS
    Time DEC ,TIMS
    Integer INT4
  6. In the case of an associated InfoObject, the aggregation behavior is adopted from this InfoObject. If you have not associated any InfoObjects, you can select a suitable aggregation behavior.
  7. In the Fixed Unit field, master data from 0UNIT is displayed. In the Fixed Currency field, master data from 0CURRENCY is displayed.
  8. The changeability of the Key Figure-Specific Properties has some dependencies:
    Option Description
    Setting Changeability
    You have associated a key figure. All properties are inherited from the associated key figure. The values under Key Figure-Specific Properties cannot be changed (with the exception of Fixed Unit/Currency and Unit/Currency Element).
    You have associated a key figure and the Fixed Unit/Currency flag is set in the associated key figure. The values under Key Figure-Specific Properties cannot be changed (including the Fixed Unit/Currency field).
    You have selected Usage of System-Wide Unique Name. There may be more than one value under Unit/Currency Element.
    You have selected Direct Usage of Associated Object by Name. The required Unit/Currency Element is set automatically when the matching element is assigned.
  9. You can define the following query properties under Reporting Properties:
    • Decimal Places:

      This property specifies how many decimal places are used for the field in the query.

    • Display:

      This property specifies the scaling factor that is used to display key figure values in the query.