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In the General screen area of the General tab, you can view the general properties of the query and configure various settings.

The following general properties are available:

  • Technical Name: Displays the technical name of the query.
  • Description: You can enter or change the query description here.
  • InfoProvider: Displays the technical name of the InfoProvider that the query is based on. Choose InfoProvider to open the maintenance screen for the InfoProvider.
  • Key Date: Every query has a key date. For time-dependent data, the key date determines the time for which the data is selected. The default value for the key date is the date when the query is executed: <today>.
    1. To enter a key date manually, choose Change.... The Edit Key Date dialog box appears.
    2. Select a date from the calendar.

      If you select 01/01/1999 for example, the system reads time-dependent data for 01/01/1999.

    3. Choose OK.
    4. Choose to switch between the default value and manual input for a key date.