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The cache usage mode is an expert tool for the cache mode. It defines when cache entries can be used to answer a query, and when the data has to be read again.

Cache Usage Modes

The following cache usage modes are available:

  • "S" Always display data from query start (stable data)

    The time that the query starts at determines the status of the data. If you navigate within the query, the data is always displayed in the status it had when the query started.


    If a provider is not able to provide an old version of the data, and the requested data is not in the query cache, the system displays a warning.

  • "C" Always display current data (current data)

    Current data is taken during every navigation step. This does not mean that data is read from the database during every navigation step however. If the status of the InfoProvider has not changed, and the cache already contains data to resond to the current query, the system uses this data. The data only needs to be read from the database again if the status of the InfoProvider has changed.


    Cache usage mode "Curent Data" makes it possible to always take new data for InfoProviders that are updated frequently.

  • " " Daten from query start if possible, otherwise current data (standard behaviour)

    In the case of InfoProviders that offer a mechanism for reading older versions of the data, the time when the query starts determines the status of the data, as with the "Stable Data" mode. InfoProviders that do not facilitate reading of older versions of the data provide new data if the data cannot be taken from the cache.

InfoProvider-Specific Information
  • InfoCube

    The behaviour of InfoCubes can generally be defined with the semantics for data integrity, as InfoCubes offer the option of reading older data versions.

    With cache usage mode "C - Current Data", it is also possible using InfoCubes with the data integrity mode (or request status) All InfoProviders Up to Released Status (RQTS0) (0) to make changes in the released status visible with every navigation step.

  • Real-Time InfoCubes

    The standard behaviour for real-time InfoCubes is "C - Current Data". It is not possible to use cache usage mode "S - Stable Data" with the data integrity modes (or request statuses) "1" Real-Time InfoCubes up to Current Version, "3" All InfoProviders Up to Current Version (All Green Requests) or "9" All InfoProviders Complete (Red Requests as Well).

  • DataStore Object

    The classic DataStore object cannot deliver any old versions in a query. Cache usage mode "S - Stable Data" therefore only works if the DataStore data does not change. Otherwise a warning appears.

    Cache usage mode "C - Curent Data" provides the option of checking the InfoProvider's fill status with every navigation step and reading the data anew if required.