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Generating SAP HANA Views for InfoCubes and (classic) DataStore ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can generate analytic views for InfoCubes and for DataStore objects (advanced) on the SAP HANA database.


The following prerequisites must be met to generate an SAP HANA view:
  • InfoCubes must be SAP HANA-optimized.


The generated SAP HANA view for InfoCubes contains the following data:

  • For standard InfoCubes: Data up to the current version (to Qualok)
  • For real-time InfoCubes: Data up to and including the first open request

In the case of generated SAP HANA views for DataStore objects, the following applies:

If SID creation is deactivated, there will be no navigation attributes in the SAP HANA view.


  1. You are in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the Modeling area. Proceed as follows: Creating InfoProviders
  2. Set the External SAP HANA View flag in the settings.
  3. When the InfoCube or DataStore object is activated, an SAP HANA view corresponding to the structure of the object is generated on the SAP HANA database.