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Get information about how to use the type #AS_DATAPOINT to refer to other annotations.

The type #AS_DATAPOINT maps to DataFieldForAnnotation. DataFieldForAnnotation is used to refer to other annotations using the Edm.AnnotationPath abstract type. The annotation path must end in vCard.Address or UI.dataPoint.

You can use the following type to reference an exposed data point from dataField-like annotations:

    You use this type to include a microchart in the UI annotation @UI.lineItem, for example.

Example In this example, the UI annotation @UI.lineItem has to be defined at the same CDS element as the UI annotation @UI.dataPoint itself.
Sample Code
define view ZExample_SalesOrdersByCustomer as select from ... as so {  
  key so.buyer_guid as BuyerGuid,

  @Semantics.currencyCode: true
  so.currency_code as CurrencyCode, 
  @UI.dataPoint: { title: 'Gross Amount' }
  @UI.lineItem: [ { type: #AS_DATAPOINT } ]
  @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'CurrencyCode'
  so.actual_amount as ActualAmount