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Creating CompositeProviders Using the WizardLocate this document in the navigation structure

Whenever you create a CompositeProvider, you are guided through the process by a wizard.


  1. You are in the BW Modeling tools. In the context menu for your BW project, choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step CompositeProvider End of the navigation path.
  2. Select an InfoArea. To ensure that you can find your CompositeProvider again without difficulty, we recommend setting the Add to Favorites flag.
  3. Enter a technical name and a description. A maximum of 12 characters can be entered for the technical name.
  4. Choose Next or Finish:
    • If you choose Finish, the system automatically creates a CompositeProvider with union. The editor appears.
    • If you choose Next, you can initially select InfoProviders from the BW system or - if you have assigned a SAP HANA system to the BW project - select SAP HANA views that you want to be part of the union or join. If you do not select anything here, a CompositeProvider with union is created. If you want to create a CompositeProvider with join, you have to select either two providers in the join provider table or a join provider and multiple union providers. You can move the providers using Drag & Drop by choosing Up and Down from the context menu for the provider or by double-clicking on the provider.
  5. Choose Finish. The CompositeProvider is generated. In the case of CompositeProviders with union and join, the union node is appended at the very bottom. The editor appears.