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Check the Consistency of the Framework for Generating SAP HANA ViewsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Transaction RS2HANA_CHECK allows you to check all prerequisites for successful replication of BW authorizations to SAP HANA.


  1. Call transaction RS2HANA_CHECK.
  2. Indicate the BW objects or BW users that you want to check the consistency of.
  3. The InfoProvider-specific checks and the user-specific checks are all selected by default. Under User-Specific Runtime Checks, you can also select the following checks:
    • Execute SQL Select on SAP HANA View: To be able to access this, you first need to assign a database connection to the user. You can do this in transaction SM30 in view RS2HANA_AUTH_DBC.
    • Display Effective View Filter: You can see which filter is applied on the basis of the authorizations.
  4. By choosing Start of the navigation path Check Consistency Next navigation step Technical Users End of the navigation path, you can first check whether the technical users SAP <SID> and the role user (user for role maintenance) exist and are consistent.
    The user for role maintenance must meet the following prerequisites:
    • The database connection must use the same server as the standard connection.
    • The database connection must not start with R/3*.
    • The user must exist in SAP HANA and have the ROLE_ADMIN authorization.
  5. By choosing Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Replicate BW Analysis Authorizations to SAP HANA End of the navigation path, you can call the transaction for replicating BW analysis authorizations to SAP HANA.
  6. Choose Check. The check is performed, and the system displays a log.