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All procedures that you create yourself have to be registered.


If you go to the Overview tab page and enter a procedure that you have created yourself as the data analysis method, the system prompts you to register this procedure. During registration, the properties are assigned to the procedure's output fields.

Note Generated procedures do not have any control parameters. The registration can therefore be peformed automatically. This registration is performed together with the SAP HANA analysis process.


Registrating a Single Procedure

  1. Choose Register on the Overview tab page under Data Analysis. The procedure registration popup appears.
  2. On the Parameter Classification tab page, you have to enter exactly one input table and one output table. If you have more than one table, you can define the role of the table here. You always have to define an input table and an outpuot table when doing this. Specifying one or more control tables is optional.
  3. On the Output Properties tab page, you can define the properties of the fields. The properties of the fields are taken from the input fields. Alternatively, you can specify a reference InfoObject to take over the properties from. By doing this, you create a connection to the BW metadata. Alternatively, you can select fields as key figures.
    The SQL data types are mapped to the ABAP data types as follows:
    SQL Data Type ABAP Data Type
    TINYINT INT4 (Key Figure)
    SMALLINT INT4 (Key Figure)
    INTEGER INT4 (Key Figure)
    DECIMAL DEC (Key Figure)
    FLOAT FLTP (Key Figure)
    DOUBLE FLTP (Key Figure)
    CHAR CHAR (Characteristic)
    VARCHAR STRG (Characteristic)
    NVARCHAR CHAR (Characteristic)
    DATE DATS (Characteristic)
    TIME TIMS (Characteristic)
  4. On the Procedure Definition tab page, you see the definition of the procedure.
  5. By choosing CheckCheck, you can view any errors that have occurred.
  6. Choose Export. The registration is saved.
    Note The registration must be transported separately. It can be reused in other SAP HANA analysis processes.

Registering Multiple Procedures

  1. Choose Registrations. On the Procedures tab page, you see an overview of all registered procedures. Procedures with the prefix TR_ are expert routines in transformations. These are displayed here but cannot be processed in any way.
  2. You can change your procedures here or create new ones that can then be used in analysis processes. Schema _SYS_BIC and analysis type 0BW_OPER_PROC are pre-defined settings here.