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Groups are used to semantically structure the fields of a CompositeProvider. The group structuring is saved at InfoProvider level.


  1. You are on the Scenario tab page. In the context menu for the root node of your target or for a group, choose Manage Groups to call up the screen where you can edit groups.
  2. By choosing Create Group, you can create new groups.
  3. Enter a technical name and description for the group. Press OK. The group is created under the root node or under the group.
  4. You can move fields between groups using drag and drop. You can use drag and drop to assign a field under a group.
  5. You can form hierarchies for groups by assigning groups to be subgroups of another group using drag and drop. By pressing ctrl + drag & drop, you can change the order of the groups in the hierarchy.
  6. Press OK. The group editing screen closes, and you return to the Scenario tab page.
  7. By choosing Move to Group in the context menu for a field or a group, you can specify a group that the field or group should be made a child of.
  8. Choose Delete in the context menu of a group to delete the group. All the fields in this group are moved to the group Non-Grouped.