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You can restrict a key figure using one or more characteristic selections. This key figure can a basic key figure, a calculated key figure or a key figure figure that is already restricted. The key figure that you restrict can only be used in the context of the current query.


You are in the Edit Selection screen for the selected key figure.


  1. Here you can enter a new technical name and description for your restricted key figure. If you do not specify anything new, the key figure retains its existing technical name and description.
  2. The left side of the lower area displays the directory of all the available objects for the InfoProvider. The Selection Details area on the right side displays the selected key figure. Select the InfoObject that you want to restrict and then drag and drop it onto the Selection Details area.


You have selected the "Sales" key figure and you want to restrict it to the year 2013.
  1. To do this, choose "Calendar Year" (0CALYEAR) from the time characteristics in the InfoProvider directory. Drag and drop this characteristic onto the "Sales" key figure.
  2. Open the context menu of the "Calendar Year" characteristic and choose Restrict. The Edit Filter dialog box appears.
  3. Select the required characteristic value - in our example "2013" - and choose Add.
  4. Confirm your filter definition by pressing OK.
  5. Confirm your restriction definition by pressing OK.