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To enable an Open ODS view to contain attributes as well as texts, you can add further semantics, apart from the semantics specified during creation, to the view. You can add texts to Open ODS views with attributes, and you can add attributes to Open ODS views with texts.


For example, if, in the first step, you require a simple data model for which you want to use only texts about facts Open ODS views, you can add the attribute modeling during a later step. This means that the function also supports flexible modeling of Open ODS views.


  1. On the General tab under Semantics (for the semantics that you want to create), choose New.

    The wizard for creating semantics appears.

  2. In the Add Semantics wizard step, under Source Type, select which type of source object should be used as the basis for the Open ODS view.
  3. For the source types Database Table or View and Virtual table using SAP HANA Smart Data Access, specify whether an existing SAP HANA or DB connect source system, or a new SAP HANA source system, should be used to access the source object of the Open ODS view.
  4. Choose Next.

    The following wizard steps depend on which source type you have selected and - for the source types Database Table or View and Virtual table using SAP HANA Smart Data Access - whether you use an existing source system or create a new one.

    More information:

  5. Once you have completed all wizard steps, the Open ODS View editor opens. The Open ODS view now also displays the tab for the semantics that have been added. Specify the structure of the Open ODS view for the added semantics.
    Note The system automatically performs the key field assignment where possible.
  6. Check the key field assignment and make any required changes.
  7. Save and activate the Open ODS view.


The Open ODS view is ready for use.

You can now perform further modeling steps, for example changing field properties or adding associations.