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With the Optimization Mode property, you can define how often the OLAP processor memory requirement is optimized for existing queries.


If you do not make any other settings, the OLAP processor specifies the optimal memory requirements for the data processed in the OLAP processor. This is done after the query is executed for the first time and then again 31 days after the last optimization. A report is generated automatically.

The following modes exist:

  • Query Will Be Optimized after Generation (0): Default setting.

  • Query Optimization with Individual Periods in Days (1): You can define the optimization period as required. You can use this setting if the InfoProvider data is periodically fully reloaded or rebuilt.

  • Query Optimization Inactive (9) : This setting is usually only used for test and support purposes or in exceptional cases.

    For more information, see SAP Note 1137994 Information published on SAP site.