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Using Non-Cumulative Key FiguresLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can use non-cumulative key figures in your DataStore object.


The DataStore objects either has the properties
  • Activate/Compress Data and All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table or
  • Activate/Compress Data und Write Change Log.
The reference points that is required for calculation of the non-cumulatives is updated with the change log data. The DataStore object must therefore have a change log.
A key also must have been defined for the DataStore object. InfoObjects must be used as key figures, non-cumulative key figures and validity characteristics. Fields are not supported for this.


  1. If you select the Inventory flag on the General tab page, another tab page appears with the name Inventory.
  2. You can now add a non-cumulative key figure. When the non-cumulative key figure is added, the key figure for non-cumulative changes, or the key figures for inflows and outflows, is/are also added to the DataStore object.
  3. The time-reference characteristic is determined automatically if there is a valid time characteristic.
  4. You can choose valid characteristics from the characteristics in the key, which are not time characteristics.