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On the General tab page, you can activate the condition and edit its parameters.


This area displays the default text for the description. You can change the description.

In the default setting, the new condition is flagged as active. If you change this setting, the condition will no longer be available for analysis of the query data.

Condition Parameters
You can define the parameters of the condition here.
  1. To create a parameter, choose Add. The Define Condition Parameter dialog box appears.

  2. Select the structure element that you want the condition to be based on. If you are using two structures in your query, you can select a First Member and a Second Member.

  3. Select the comparison operator.

    You can choose from the following operators for threshold value conditions:

    • Equal
    • NotEqualTo
    • LessThan
    • GreaterThan
    • LessEqual
    • GreaterEqual
    • Between
    • NotBetween

    The values for these operators must be floating point numbers. For the operators Between and Not Between, you have to enter a value range by specifying an upper and a lower threshold value.

    You can choose from the following operators for ranked list conditions:

    • TopN
    • BottomN
    • Top%
    • Bottom%
    • TopSUM
    • BottomSUM

    For Top/BottomN, you have enter a positive integer. For Top/Bottom%, you have to enter a number between 0 and 100. For Top/BottomSUM, you can enter a decimal number (15.7 for example).

  4. To remove a parameter, select it and choose Remove.