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If InfoProviders store large amounts of data, certain queries can retrieve large result sets. OLAP effort is the maximum effort expected by Analytic Manager for processing the data it retrieves.


This property can force the use of filters or the removal of drilldown characteristics if queries exceed the specified upper limit for OLAP effort. This restricts the effort for a query and with this the waiting time for the query result.

You can decide what has priority here: Would you like to restrict the query effort or would you prefer to have a result in spite of longer processing and response times?

The effort for Analytic Manager depends on the size of the result set and on the complexity of the query:

  • Complex Queries: Although a large data set is retrieved from the database in the back end, the result set that the user sees is quite small in some cases. This occurs in the case of exception aggregations and currency translations for example.

  • Simple Queries: Queries without complex functions or with functions that have been moved out to the SAP HANA database are considered simple queries.

Overview of the modes
  • Default (0):

    A default value of the user’s choosing can be set for the query. Normally the default value is “infinite”. This therefore has no effect on the queries.

  • Low (4):

    This mode is suitable for simple queries with small result sets.

  • High (6):

    This mode is suitable for simple queries with large result sets or for complex queries with small or medium-sized result sets.

  • Medium (5):

    This mode is suitable for simple and complex queries if the size of the result set is situated between low and high.

  • Infinite (9):

    This mode returns the query result regardless of the size of the OLAP effort.