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Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

When activating BW objects that you want to create, you can generate SAP HANA views with the same structures.

This enables you to create scenarios where data, which is modeled in the BW system, is merged with data modeled in SAP HANA with SAP HANA tools (mixed scenarios).

The following objects are supported here: SAP HANA-optimized InfoCube, DataStore object (classic), DataStore object (advanced), InfoObject, query as InfoProvider, CompositeProvider, local CompositeProvider in BW Workspace, Open ODS view as PartProvider of a CompositeProviders and query.

When SAP HANA views are generated, BW data is published to SAP HANA. These SAP HANA views point directly to data and tables that are managed by the BW. BW data can therefore be consumed directly in SAP HANA. This also provides a clear interface between the schema managed by the BW and an area outside the BWs, which is managed by other tools or by another user group. This interface makes clear where the services in the BW system end, and where the manual enhancements or enhancements via third-party tools begin. It is not possible to change generated SAP HANA views manually. The SAP HANA views generated by BW can be overwritten at any time by the system, meaning that any manual changes would be lost.

You can create more SAP HANA views on these generated views however. These will then be stored in another Content package.

Generating SAP HANA Views

Generating SAP HANA views from the BW system enables you to generate SAP HANA views without using the SAP HANA Modeler. You can thus access BW data via SQL front ends. All applications that can read SAP HANA views can process the data (for example, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP Lumira and BI Clients from third-party providers).

When a query is executed on the SAP HANA view, the data is requested directly from SAP HANA, without the BW system being addressed.

Generation of SAP HANA views from the BW system has been implemented as an interface for standalone data marts. This means that these SAP HANA views are only suitable for special scenarios.

These SAP HANA views are part of the BW InfoProvider lifecycle. They are transported with the corresponding BW objects. The target system should have an SAP HANA database. If it does not, the property that the object has an SAP HANA view will be lost.

When a BW object is activated with the SAP HANA view, all the dependent SAP HANA views are also activated. If an error occurs with an SAP HANA view that you created, this only leads to a warning and the BW object is activated.

The analysis authorizations in SAP HANA are created during activation of the BW objects and compared with the analysis authorizations in BW.

Transaction RS2HANA_ADMIN enables you to manage SAP HANA views from BW objects. Here you see an overview of all BW objects with an external SAP HANA view and various administration and check functions. You can call this transaction as follows: Start of the navigation path Data Warehousing Workbench Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step External SAP HANA View End of the navigation path.


Not all BW objects properties can be added to the generated SAP HANA view. The following restrictions apply:

  • Navigation attributes of InfoObjects, which do not have Standard or SAP HANA Viewas their master data access type, are not supported. If the navigation attribute is also authorization-relevant, it is not possible to generate an SAP HANA view.
  • Texts for InfoObjects, which do not have Standard or SAP HANA View as their master data access type, are not supported.
  • SAP Note 2073820 Information published on SAP site describes in detail how to determine the text fields in the solution section.
  • Non-cumulative numbers are only supported in the SAP HANA view for queries.
  • Key figures, for which the aggregation is set to No Aggregation, are not supported.
  • Compounding is not supported: There is no attribute in the SAP HANA view, which represents the chained value of an InfoObject with compounding.
  • Date conversion and alpha conversion are not supported.
  • BW hierarchies are only available in SAP HANA views for InfoObjects.
  • Key figures of data type date or time are not supported with aggregation SUM.
  • Characteristics with property attribute only are not supported.
  • For more information on data from near-line storage, see SAP Note 2032797 Information published on SAP site.
  • Non-cumulative range key figures are not available in an SAP HANA view.
  • The technical key figure 1ROWCOUNT is only supported for DataStore object (advanced), CompositeProviders and BW queries, which are based on a DataStore object (advanced) or on a CompositeProvider.
  • The key date for time-dependent attributes and texts is specified by using input parameter keydate of the SAP HANA view. If this parameter is not explicitly supplied with data when the access occurs, the current day is used. The format of parameter is YYYYMMDD, which corresponds to ABAP type DATS.