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Using CompositeProviders for BW Integrated PlanningLocate this document in the navigation structure

As further type of InfoProvider that you can now use for BW Integrated Planning is CompositeProviders that you have created, and whose participating InfoProviders or SAP HANA models are assigned by UNION.

  • You are using a SAP HANA database.
  • You have created CompositeProviders using the BW Modeling tools.
  • The InfoProviders or SAP HANA models participating in the CompositeProvider are assigned by UNION.

In BW Integrated Planning, CompositeProviders are used in the same way as MultiProviders: In CompositeProviders, you can use UNION to assign non-input ready InfoProviders for reference data to input-ready InfoProviders for planning data.

In addition to the MultiProvider scenario, you can use further InfoProviders for reference data in a CompositeProvider, such as Open ODS views that are based on DataSources. You can also use SAP HANA views directly as InfoProviders for reference data without having create a virtual InfoProvider.

Note that the following modeling types of CompositeProviders are not supported in BW Integrated Planning:
  • CompositeProviders in which at least one of the input-ready InfoProviders is assigned by JOIN.
  • CompositeProviders that contain a local provider.
  • CompositeProviders that contain navigation attributes that do not appear in all input-ready InfoProviders of the current model.

If you attempt to use a CompositeProvider that does not meet the stated conditions for BW Integrated Planning, the system displays a warning message.

Note For more information, see SAP Note 2091885 Information published on SAP site.