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You can make a setting for the performance of the modeling environment in CompositeProviders.

By choosing Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences Next navigation step BW Modeling Next navigation step CompositeProvider End of the navigation path, you can define starting from how many providers per CompositeProvider the system should switch to Bulk Load. The parameter only affects BW InfoProviders as participating providers.

In the default setting, the system switches to Bulk Load when a CompositeProvider contains at least 10 BW InfoProviders.

When a CompositeProvider with fewer than 10 providers is opened in the editor for the BW modeling tools, each provider is queried individually on the back end. These are then written to the cache and are thus quickly available next time the editor is opened. The information stored in the cache can also be used by other models without the need to access the back end again.

When a CompositeProvider with 10 or more providers is opened, the providers are not queried individually. The InfoProvider information is read as part of the CompositeProvider from the back end instead, and is not written to the cache. This allows the editor to open faster. When the editor is opened again however, the information must be read from the back end.