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Changing Cache Mode for Existing QueriesLocate this document in the navigation structure

In the Query Properties dialog box in the query monitor, you can change the standard cache mode setting for existing queries.



We recommend using a data integrity profile.


For queries on an aggregation level, it is not possible to set a data integrity profile, cache mode or cache usage mode.


  1. To be able to change the cache mode, first remove the flag for the InfoProvider Setting option.
  2. Make the required settings for the query in question.
    Cache validity - the length of time that data is stored in the cache. You normally only set this per InfoProvider in Customizing. For InfoProviders whose data cannot be changed in the Business Warehous (such as VirtualProviders and DataStore objects for direct update), you can also specify the cache validity in the query monitor.

Next Steps

If you use the cache mode, meaning that you have not selected cache mode I: Cache is inactive, you can further optimize query performance by setting a cache usage mode.