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Working with BW ProjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

BW projects form the starting point for working with the BW Modeling in the Eclipse-based IDE. In the following sections, you will find detailed descriptions of the basic activities involved in BW projects.

You work with projects in the Project Explorer view. The projects are displayed here in alphabetical order. To work in a BW project and see the subtrees of the BW project, you have to log on to the BW back end system. There are several ways of opening the logon screen:

  • By double-clicking the BW project
  • By expanding the first level of the BW project

If you double-click or expand a BW project with SSO enabled for the connected BW system, the connection is established without displaying the logon screen.

Once you are logged on to the BW system for a particular project, you remain logged on for this project until you exit the Eclipse-based IDE or close the project.