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Using Expert ModeLocate this document in the navigation structure

Expert Mode offers extra functions for use by administrators and by support.



  1. To switch to Expert Mode, choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Expert Mode On/Off End of the navigation path. The system then displays two additional tab pages, CalculationScenario and Query. It also displays two additional functions in the toolbar, Export and Registrations.
  2. On the CalculationScenario tab page, you can view a simulation of the CalculationScenario's runtime. The CalculationScenario is the source for reading while a query is running. When activated, it is generated from the analysis process. Calculations are made while reading.
    The runtime simulation provides you with a prior consistency check. You can view both the XML representation and the script definition. In the XML representation, you can click on underlined elements to navigate to them and view sample data. This allows you to check whether the result is the one you want.
    By choosing Export CalculationScenario, you can export the simulation as an XML file for analysis if errors occur.
  3. On the Script Definition, you can view the script, provided that one exists.
  4. On the Query tab page, the Query Monitor is embedded. This allows you to run standard queries for your analysis process.
  5. By choosing Maintenance Execution, you can simulate execution of the SAP HANA analysis process for troubleshooting purposes.
  6. By choosing Export, you can export the SAP HANA analysis process as an XML file for analysis if errors occur.
  7. By choosing Registrations, you can display an overview of all existing registrations.