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Creating InfoSources Using the WizardLocate this document in the navigation structure

You are guided through the process of creating a DataStore object (advanced) by a wizard.


  1. 1. You are in the BW Modeling tools. In the context menu for your BW project, choose New InfoSource. You will be guided through the process by a wizard.
  2. Select an InfoArea. To ensure that you can find your InfoSource again without difficulty, we recommend setting the Add to Favorites flag.
  3. Enter a technical name and a description. The technical name can be up to 30 characters long.
  4. By choosing Copy from..., you can select an InfoSource as a template. This allows you to copy over its properties to your new InfoSource and to edit them as required.
  5. You can select a different object type as a template.
  6. When you have finished making your settings, choose Finish. The editor appears.