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Cloud Integration Content (CIC) Management Cockpit allows deploying integration content artifacts from SAP HANA Cloud Integration Content catalog to an on premise environment. CIC allows importing artifacts such as integration flows and value maps from tenant application on cloud or local file system. Use the Deploy feature in Integration Content tab, to import and deploy integration content artifacts.


  • You need the SAP_XI_CONFIGURATOR role to deploy cloud integration content. For more information, see Roles.

  • Download the cloud integration content from the SAP Integration Content Catalog (make all the necessary sender and receiver channel configurations the integration flow). For more information, see Enable Cloud Integration Content in SAP Process Integration.
  • Deploy the required security artifacts. For more information, see Deploy Security Artifacts.


  1. In the Cloud Integration Content Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Integration Content Next navigation step Deploy End of the navigation path the Deploy Integration Content pane appears.

Deploy Integration Content from Cloud Tenant

  1. Select Cloud Tenant, to import and deploy integration artifacts from cloud tenant system.
    1. In Deploy Integration Content pane enter the values in the respective fields based on the following description:



    Tenant URL

    Provide the URL of a tenant system, from which the application imports the integration content. For example, https://<domain name> .


    Provide username of the tenant system.


    Provide password of the tenant system.

Deploy Integration Content from File System

  1. Select File System, to import and deploy integration artifacts from file system.
    1. Choose Browse, to browse to the cloud integration content *.zip file.
  2. Select a single or multiple integration artifcats, and choose Deploy.
    • You can also check the deployed cloud integration content in SAP NetWeaver Administrator. Go to SAP NetWeaver Administrator at http://[host]:[port]/nwa, choose Start of the navigation path Operations Next navigation step Start & Stop Next navigation step Java Applications End of the navigation path, and enter the name of the integration flow you deployed in the Name filter field. The deployed integration flow is displayed.
    • You can undeploy the integration content. Choose the integration content deployed and click Undeploy.

    • Application Status column displays the status of the corresponding application that is deployed as part of the integration content deployment.
    • Runtime Status column displays the status of the integration content (only integration flow) deployed on the server. The runtime status displayed in the Cloud Integration Content Management Cockpit will be:
      • Green, if the integration content is initialized.
      • Yellow, if the initialized integration content is stopped.
      • Red, if the integration content initialization fails or if the polling fails. You can check error details in the log viewer.
      • Grey, if the integration content is not monitored or if the content is not an integration flow.
    • Avoid using special characters other than _ while naming an Integration Content.