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Specifying Data Integrity and Access to Data Stored in Near-Line StorageLocate this document in the navigation structure


These query properties were set in the back end prior to Release SAP NetWeaver 7.3. If you have upgraded from BW 3.5 to BW 7.3, you now have to upgrade your front end to Release SAP GUI 7.10 Patch 5, in order to work with these settings.

The same applies if you have upgraded form BW 7.0 to BW 7.3 and if you were using Query Designer SAP BW 3.x in Release 7.0.


The settings are usually configured in Query Designer.


For more information on individual settings and how to configure settings in Query Designer, see Specifying Data Integrity and Reading Stored Data.

You only need to configure the setting (in query monitor) for standard queries with names in the format !<InfoProvider>; in other words, names that contain at least an "!''.


Note that you cannot set any variables for the settings made in the query monitor.


  1. By selecting the setting Data Integrity (previously also known as request status), you can specify a request; data up to this request is then included for the selected query.
  2. If data has been stored in the near-line storage for the selected query, you can set the flag Read Near-Line Storage As Well.