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Data Preview provides a test environment that enables you to verify the output (result set) of a CDS view.


In the Project Explorer view, open the context menu of a DDL source and choose Open Data Preview.

In addition, you can also open the Data Preview view from the source code editor of a DDL source. Then choose Start of the navigation path Open With Next navigation step Data Preview End of the navigation path from the context menu.


  1. If the CDS View does not require any parameters, the Data Preview displays the result set directly.
  2. If the CDS View requires parameters, a dialog to enter parameter values appears:

    1. Enter your parameter values.
    2. Choose OK.

      The Data Preview displays the result set.

      The Outline view displays parameter values of a CDS View. If you want to modify parameter values, choose the Parameter option that appears in the Data Preview tool.

Note If the result set contains less records than you expect, there may be a DCL role for the CDS entity that filters the data returned by the preview.