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Creating DDL SourcesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You need the standard developer authorization profile to create ABAP development objects.


A DDL source allows you to define an entity that represent as a projection onto one or multiple database tables. With the DDL source you have the appropriate ABAP development object, which you can use directly to access the standard ABAP Workbench functionality (transport, syntax check, activation).


  1. In your ABAP project, select the relevant package node in the Project Explorer.
  2. Open the context menu and choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step Other ABAP Repository Object Next navigation step Core Data Services Next navigation step DDL Source End of the navigation path to launch the creation wizard.
  3. In addition to the Project and Package, enter the Name and the Description for the DDL Source to be created.

    The maximum length for names of DDL sources is 30 characters.

  4. Choose Next.
    Wizard page when creating a DDL source
    Figure 1: Wizard page when creating a DDL source
  5. Assign a transport request.
  6. Choose Finish.


In the selected package, the ABAP back-end system creates an inactive version of a DDL source and stores it in the ABAP Repository. In the Project Explorer, the new DDL source is added to the Core Data Services folder of the corresponding package node. As a result of this creation procedure, the source editor will be opened. Here, you can start defining a CDS entity.