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Make sure that the DDL source you wish to activate is syntactically correct. The system performs a syntax check of the entire object before it is activated.


To generate a CDS view, you must activate the DDL source.


To activate the DDL source from the DDL source editor ...

  1. Open the relevant DDL source in the DDL editor.
  2. Click the icon (Activate the ABAP Development Object) in the toolbar.

    Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F3.

To activate the DDL source from the Project Explorer ...

  1. Select the node of the relevant DDL source in the ABAP project in the Project Explorer.
  2. Open the context menu and choose Activate.


In the selected package, the ABAP back-end system creates an active version of the CDS view and stores it in the ABAP Dictionary. The corresponding CDS database view is added to the Core Data Services folder of the selected package.