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Keyboard Shortcuts for ABAP DevelopmentLocate this document in the navigation structure

The following shortcuts are highly frequently used for working with development objects in ABAP Development Tools.


The availability of the shortcuts depends on the user interface area you are currently working.

Select Ctrl+Shift+L to open a list that displays the area-specific keyboard shortcuts.

You can display a list of all available keyboard shortcuts from the menu bar (Start of the navigation path Windows Next navigation step Preferences Next navigation step General Next navigation step Keys End of the navigation path).

The subsequent lists are designed for using the operating systems Microsoft Windows© or Linux©. If you are working with Apple Mac©, you might need to choose the Command tab instead of Ctrl.

Edit Actions

Function Shortcut
Activate inactive development object Ctrl + F3
Activate all inactive development objects Ctrl + Shift + F3
Check consistency and syntax Ctrl + F2
Close Ctrl + W
Close all Ctrl + Shift + W
Code completion / Content Assist Ctrl + Space
Delete line Ctrl + D
Delete next word Ctrl + Delete
Delete previous word Ctrl + Backspace
Find Next Ctrl + K
Find Previous Ctrl + Shift + K
Format source code (aka Pretty Printer in the SAP GUI) Shift + F1
Format source block (aka Pretty Printer in the SAP GUI) Ctrl + Shift + F1
Keyword completion Tab
Mark word Double-click
Mark whole line Triple-click
New ABAP development object Ctrl + N
Open quick fix / quick assist dialog Ctrl + 1
Rename Alt + Shift + R
Save Ctrl + S
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Selection to upper case Ctrl + Shift + X
Selection to lower case Ctrl + Shift + Y

Displaying Actions

Function Shortcut
Show the properties of the currently focused object or file Alt + Ctrl + P
Show bookmarks, breakpoints, and tasks of the focused editor row Alt + Ctrl + P
To show the variable view in the debugger and to set the focus into the view.
Note Switch back to the source by using F12.
Shift + Alt + V
Set the View menu, that for text editors the ruler context menu is shown or to add bookmarks, breakpoints, or tasks Ctrl + F10
Show bookmarks, breakpoints, and tasks of the focused editor row Alt + Ctrl + F10
Adopt the size of the current editor, view, and so on to the maximum screen size Ctrl + M

Navigation Actions

Function Shortcut
Backward navigation to the previous opened tab Alt + Left
Forward navigation to the next opened tab Alt + Right
Select the next open editor you want to navigate to Ctrl + F6
Switch between perspectives Ctrl + F8
Select the previous open editor you want to navigate to Ctrl + Shift + F6
Navigate to last edited location Ctrl + Q
Open development object Ctrl + Shift + A
Open Quick Outline Ctrl + O
Open Quick Type Hierarchy Ctrl + T
Open SAP GUI Ctrl + 6
Switch to next view Ctrl + F7
Switch to next perspective Ctrl + F8
Navigate to ABAP source code F3 or Ctrl + Click
Move the keyboard focus into the top level editor or the active editor tab F12
Show context menu Shift + F10

Moving Actions

Function Shortcut
Backward one word Ctrl + Left
Forward one word Ctrl + Right
Jump to line Ctrl + L
Move one line down Alt + Down
Move one line up Alt + Up

Commenting Actions

Function Shortcut
Add comments Ctrl + <
Remove comments Ctrl + >
Toggle comments Ctrl + 7

Search and Help

Function Shortcut
Open search dialog Ctrl + H
Show ABAP Language Help F1
Show ABAP element info F2
Where-used list Ctrl + Shift + G

Windows-based Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Find / Replace text Ctrl + F
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Close Ctrl + F4
Close all Ctrl + Shift + F4
Cut selection Ctrl + X
Paste selection Ctrl + V
Redo typing Ctrl + Y
Select all Ctrl + A
Undo typing Ctrl + Z