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ABAP profiling lets you analyze the runtime behavior of an ABAP program and the memory consumption of an ABAP program.

The ABAP Trace has been integrated completely into the ABAP Developer Tools (ADT). The Memory Inspector is available to you via transaction S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR in the integrated SAP GUI in the ADT.

Profiling helps both in problem analysis and in refactoring and optimization of code:

  • The ABAP Trace shows you where runtime is being consumed, and where effort for refactoring and optimization can best be applied. The ABAP Trace also lets you analyze and understand program flow, useful when you are trying to understand a problem or learn about code you must analyze or maintain.
  • The Memory Inspector: ABAP applications benefit from the sophisticated memory management of the ABAP application server. Even so, as long-running ABAP transactions and programs become more commonplace, and more complex programming models come into use (there is a difference in memory consumption between an ABAP report and a large-scale object-oriented application), checking for memory leaks and high memory consumption has become more important. The Memory Inspector lets you compare memory snapshots, so that you can easily find memory leaks. In case of a memory-related program failure, it can quickly show you how and where memory is being consumed.