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Creating and Changing HierarchiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can create or change a hierarchy.


You create and change master data in Web Dynpro ABAP. In order to do this, you need to activate the Internet Communication Framework (ICF). See the information in Customizing underStart of the navigation path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step Business Warehouse Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Prerequisites for Hierarchy Maintenance End of the navigation path.


  1. You are in the editing screen for the characteristic. By choosing Miscellaneous you can call the hierarchy editing screen if the characteristic has hierarchies.
  2. Choose Create Hierarchy to create a new hierarchy. If hierarchies exist already, you can choose Display Hierarchy to display them.
  3. Enter a technical name and description for the hierarchy. Press OK.
  4. Choose Create Text Node... to insert new nodes into the hierarchy. When you insert new nodes, you can immediately decide whether you want a new node to be a subnode or a node on the same level.
  5. By choosing Characteristic Node ..., you can insert external characteristic nodes previously defined by you on the InfoObject.
  6. Choose Insert Key(s)... to display the master data values (keys and texts) of the InfoObject, which the hierarchy is based on, in the right-hand area of the screen. Drag and drop the required values from the right-hand area into the hierarchy.
  7. If you insert a node with a technical name that already exists, a prompt appears asking you whether you want to insert the node as a link. A node and the complete subtree under this node can be inserted multiple times into a hierarchy as a link node. Display Technical IDs allows you to see which nodes are link nodes.
  8. Insert Interval ... allows you to insert nodes.
  9. Delete Nodes, allows you to delete selected nodes.
  10. Display Technical IDs allows you to show or hide the technical details of the nodes.
  11. Hierarchy Attributes allows you to set hierarchy attributes and thus influence how hierarchies are displayed and processed in reporting.
  12. Header Data allows you to display additional information about the technical properties of your hierarchy.
  13. Maintain Levels allows enter descriptions for the hierarchy levels. These texts are shown in the context menu when navigating in the query.
  14. Save and activate your hierarchy.