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Extracting Data to a Third-Party ToolLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can extract data to a third-party tool as follows:

  1. Define an open hub destination with Third-Party Tool as the destination type.

  2. Create an RFC destination for your third-party tool and enter it in the definition of the open hub destination.

  3. Use API RSB_API_OHS_DEST_SETPARAMS to define the parameters for the third-party tool that are required for the extraction.

  4. Start extraction immediately or include it in a process chain. You can also start this process chain from the third-party tool using process chain API RSPC_API_CHAIN_START. The extraction process writes the data to a database table in the BW system.

  5. When the extraction process is finished, the system sends a notification to the third-party tool using API RSB_API_OHS_3RDPARTY_NOTIFY.

  6. The extracted data is read by API RSB_API_OHS_DEST_READ_DATA or RSB_API_OHS_DEST_READ_DATA.

  7. The status of the extraction is transferred to the monitor by API RSB_API_OHS_REQUEST_SETSTATUS.