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It can sometimes make sense to process data in a query as an InfoProvider (see Query Properties):

The advantage in doing this is that you can calculate the query's functions in the Analytic Server before reading the data. This improves performance, especially in the case of simple queries that contain a very large amount of data.


If you use a query as an InfoProvider, not all query functions are supported.

The following functions are supported:
  • Standard aggregations (SUM, MIN, MAX)
  • Formulas that are totaled before aggregation (+, -, constant factor)
  • Unit and currency translations
  • Constant selection
  • Formulas with quotients, like prices
  • Formulas with exception aggregation
In the following cases, it is not possible to activate a query as an InfoProvider:
  • The query is input-ready (for BW-integrated planning).
  • The query has input-ready required variables.
  • The query contains non-cumulative key figures.
  • Temporal hierarchy join is enabled.
  • The query has more than one structure.
  • The technical name of the query is more than 20 characters in length.
  • The InfoProvider is a TransientProvider or an aggregation level.
The following settings are not taken over from the query:
  • Set hierarchies
  • Local aggregations
  • Elimination of internal business volume
  • Conditions

    For more information about using a query as a data source for SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator, see Query as InfoProvider.

Special Features in the Result of the Query Execution

When you execute a query, the result is displayed differently, according to whether or not you use the query as an InfoProvider. If you use a query as your InfoProvider, note the following:

  • For values with a mixed currency or unit basis (10€ + 5$ for example) and for values with compound units or currencies (15 $/kg for example), the unit display in the result is the initial (unassigned) value.
  • Key figure values where nothing (NULL) is displayed in the result set display the value "0".